IPL: Which bowler has taken the most mid-range wickets?

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IPL: Which bowler has taken the most mid-range wickets?
In T20 cricket, the middle overs (7–16) are very important to the outcome of an innings.
The middle-over phase has the same potential to make or break a side as the other two (Powerplay and death overs).
Since up to five fielders can be moved outside of the 30-year circle, spinners typically have the majority of power throughout the same.
Interestingly, Yuzvendra Chahal has the most middle-overs wickets in the Indian Premier League.

Yuzvendra Chahal: 150 wickets
As referenced, Rajasthan Royals leg-spinner Chahal has the most IPL wickets for a bowler in the center overs.
He is one of the bold spinners who frequently throws the ball to bait the player for a success. This ploy gives him wickets in abundance.
Chahal has 150 center over wickets at 21.26 in the IPL. His economy rate peruses 7.39.

Amit Mishra, another veteran leg-spinner, supports this rundown. He follows Chahal with 139 IPL wickets in the center stage.
Mishra, who has played for a large group of establishments, midpoints 25.07 and has an economy pace of 7.12 in such manner.
Eminently, Mishra has bowled more speck balls (1,050) than Chahal (916) in this stage in the IPL.

Piyush Chawla: 135 wickets
Like Mishra, his countryman Piyush Chawla has been highlighting in the IPL since the debut version (2008). The last option has likewise addressed upwards of four establishments.
Piyush, who is at present with Mumbai Indians, has taken 135 IPL wickets in the center overs with an economy pace of 29.28.
The leg-spinner midpoints 29.28, while his count incorporates 1,031 spot balls.

Ravindra Jadeja: 126 wickets
Ravindra Jadeja is the main finger spinner in the best four of this count.
Throughout the long term, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has utilized the passed on arm spinner to guarantee pivotal forward leaps in the center overs.
Jadeja has a perfect line and length as his weapon. All of this has brought about 126 center over wickets at an economy pace of 7.41 in the IPL.

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